Top 50 Affiliate Networks:

By joining merchant programs as an affiliate, visitors from your website can earn you revenue based on impressions, click throughs or sales from another business. Or, as a merchant yourself, an Affiliate Management Program can enable you to drive results on your site at relatively low cost. Signing up as an Affiliate is quick and easy, and all activity tracking is done by the Affiliate Management service you select. Depending on the program, signing up as a Merchant usually requires an upfront deposit towards future payment, and a initial start-up fee, but is simple, and all tracking and payment processing is done by the Affiliate Management service. Affiliates are paid based on performance of their links, and Merchants are generally charged based on a percentage of the Affiliate payout. Find out more info WEB2.0

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1. ClickBooth.com26.
2. OurFreeStuff.net27.
3. Copeac.com28.
4. XY7.com29.
5. RevenueLoop.com30.
6. CJ.com31.
7. ClickBank.com32.
8. FriendFinder.com33.
9. ShareaSale.com34.
10. Zanox.com35.
11. Fluxads.com36.
12. LinkShare.com37.
13. Axill.com38.
14. TradeDoubler.com39.
16. HydraNetwork.com41.
17. AdsMarket.com42.
18. AdValiant.com43.
19. WebGains.com44.
20. InstantDollarz.com45.
21. MarketLeverage.com46.
22. PantheraNetwork.com47.
23. LevelClick.com48.
24. aZoogleAds.com49.
25. DirectLeads.com50.

While this list gives you the possibility to narrow done your choices of Affiliate Networks, it is always recommended to do your own research to find out more about each program.
If there are other networks you wish to suggest, please leave them here. If you had any experience making money online with any of these affiliate networks, your views and opinions matters and will be great appreciated.