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Tourmaline Marketing & Inv. Company   - Details
We manufacture Dead Sea products, marketing for a variety of prestigious companies, including department stores, Saloons, health stores, direct manufacturing companies, national brand companies, spas, resorts and hotels, as well as smaller start-up companies and individuals. Our minimum order is generally 5,000 units per item.

Richholding International   - Details
we are one of the leading exporters of tomato paste in China and have many years' experiences and enjoy high reputation in the line.

Established in 1970, Export brokers dealing in Canned Fruit   - Details
We create reliable, tailor-made opportunities for producers and consumers internationally, making use of our impeccable sources and offering the best in service, technical expertise and research. In doing so, we provide our clients with more realizable opportunities than they would develop for themselves at far less expenditure of their time and capital.

Tibet Holding   - Details
Tibet Group of Companies is one of the leading manufacturers of food, household cleansing and cosmetic products in Turkey. The group, founded in 1945, is producing all its products with ISO9001 quality certificate in a fully integrated, 63.000 square meters, modern plant which is in Istanbul, Turkey.

What Are Qr Codes And an Individual Would Want One For Your Business   - Details
Every women selects ɗifferent substantial maԁe boots. Would you decide on a roadtrip ѡithout ɑ plan? Evеry online smaⅼl business to һave a website. So, Used to do іt, I ցot myself one site, that was it, using a grand, Ι toߋk the leap аnd purchased ԝhɑt may function as ɑ way in order to supply my life with financial freedom. Ƭhis usuaⅼly meаns ցiving them your email address.

ẩm thực gia đình   - Details
Với tâm niệm mang nhưng món ăn ngon, những các món ăn cổ truyển khắp mọi miền đến với các chị các mẹ, mang các món ăn ngon đến những cả nhà việt, từ đây blog ăn uống bốn phương đã có hình thành and trở nên tân tiến . Blog ẩm thực bốn phương sưu tầm các món ăn của đồ ăn uống việt trên khắp mọi miền của giang sơn, món ăn của các vùng miền.

India's Largest Food Service Disposables Manufacturer   - Details
We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a group engaged in the Manufacturing & Exporting of world class Polystyrene Foam Disposable Plates, Bowls, Lunch trays, Hinged Food Containers, Egg Trays etc, under the brand name BIOPAC™. BIOPAC™ offers whole range of disposable products of different sizes and shapes manufactured from food grade raw material in ultra hygienic conditions at fully integrated state-of-the-art world-class plant, spread over 30,000 sq. ft. near Mumbai (Bombay).

«Петерфуд»   - Details
Organization of the "PETERFOOD" - annual international food and beverage exhibition. "Fat and Oils" - specialised exhibition. International Conference. "Sweet Auction" - confectionery exhibition. «Петерфуд» – главное событие продовольственного бизнеса Северо-Запада. Это единственная выставка в стране, которая обеспечивает экспонентам гарантированный контакт с закупщиками розничных сетей непосредственно на стендах. Petersburg Lenexpo.

Premium Quality Food from Australia.   - Details
Wise Foods is building a brand based on Quality Farming in Australia is done in a way that protects the environment and works in harmony with existing ecosystems. Traditional farming methods are often used, such as rotating crops to prevent depleting the soil of nutrients, and many foods are produced without chemical processing. Australia has high quarantine standards and is free from serious plant and animal diseases found in other parts of the world. That all adds up to a biosecurity history that is hard to beat, and it’s why Australian food is so highly valued.

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