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László Koday
He was born on 1945 in Bénye, county Pest. He already worked in the factory Ganz-Mávag at my age of fifteen, at first as an unskilled workman.
He tried to write poems and prose. He made sculptures, he dealt with photography even with laboratory processing.
He became varnisher in 1963, he was working as foreman since 1975 and as works manager since 1985. After having spent 32 years in the same employment he chose private intellectual occupation and started to paint in 1990.
"The bright and pure colours of Van Gogh, Gaugin and Csontváry made a deep impression on me and mainly the knowledge of the life and works of Henri Rousseau.
I had found the form of expression in the years 1979-1982 that I became familiar with. Henri Rousseau's art was the first which got me liked primitive, naive and neo-primitive painting." - he remembered.
Koday László is a well-educated, cultured painter who has found self-identity in painting both intellectually and emotionally. In common with several naive artists "creating a more beautiful world than the existing one, sometimes planning the world of tales, where unfulfilled desires can be fulfilled. This is my world and I feel comfortable in this."- Koday summarized his ars poetic of painting in this fashion.

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