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Wood and forest is meaning everything for him. Besides fine arts he is interested in photo and film, too.
István Kotnyek

He was born in 1948 in Somogy szentmiklós. He completed his secondary school studies in Nagykanizsa and his decorator and window-designer studies in Budapest. He has been living in Nagykanizsa since 1977. He is decorator in the Sándor Hevesi Cultural Center.
He become a member of the art Foundation of Hungarian Republic in 1984.
His pictures were exposed in a number of Hungarian and foreign collective exhibitions in a number of Hungarian and foreign collective exhibitions and he had several one-man exhibitions, too.
Forms and colors have the same importance in his works, neither of them has a high-priority.
His crayon drawings are painterly, his oil-paintings are graphic, there is no reason to separate the two forms keenly.
The basis of his creative method is very simple.
He always draws on the reality: a room inside, an open window, a tree-trunk, a landscape or a sight of some objects laying on the table. He keeps the three-dimensional place and moreover some motives presenting a basis, though they are sometimes hardly perspicuous: but actually the perfection of the picture set off afterwards only. Steenly and sharply composed elements appear on the canvas or on the paper, which are sometimes unresolvable even through himself.
They are not objects every time, as the space around them often loses its depth, and it turns into plane decorated with fantastic, but never extreme sea of colours.
The motives formed with short and scratchily motions open up wide possibilities in the analysis of them. He can express his notion of the world with the help of extremes. His objective creating method dispenses with great emotions, he prefers to express, but in such a way that he always gets to the core point.

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