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Aries Register
Aries Register

Regions in Pest county.


PILIS city situated in the heart of Pest county of Hungary. There are various explanations for the name of the village. On the basis of a few written documents, it is believed that Pylis was the name of a Hungarian family arriving in the region during the Magyar Conquest. The name „Pilis”, however, may also allude to the typical hairstyle of monks or to the arid land without vegetation, in wich latter case the word would be of Slavic origin. Its area is rich in archeologist findigs from the bronz- and iron ages, and a mass burial place from the second century and from the time of the Hungarian Conquest have also been found there. It was first mentioned in the register in 1326. As a plain, it was required by the Fay-family. Since 1711 it belonged to János Beleznay, who populated it with Slovaks from the highlands. In the XIXs century it was owned by the Nyáry- and Gubányi families.

Beleznay Nyáry castle

As guest of the Beleznay family, Kármán József wrote "Fanni's Traditions" (Fanni hagyományai) the first Hungarian psychological novel.

Why one of the best times invest in the region of Pilis, Hungary?
With some 65,000 foreign companies now operating in the country, Hungary's desirability as an investment location is without question. In fact, Hungary received almost a third of all foreign direct investment in central and eastern Europe.
U.S. companies are Hungary's biggest investors, having injected approximately $14 billion.
Hungary has the most and the best medical waters in the world. The best thing is that PILIS also has spring of medical waters.
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Today the settlement has almost 12 thousand inhabitants, and it is developing.

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