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  • Webdesign

  • We are writing such Home Pages which his object will reach. The essence remains essence therefore the details will be importance too (Cold Fusion, Java, PHP, ASP and SQL).

  • Trade

  • Aries-Trade Co. is a business company, we act as consultants and investors. Our core competence is providing an professional assistance for domestic and foreign clients to do a success businesss on the Hungarian market.
    We are the experts as follows: commercial, corporate, investment, banking and finance, trade, international, taxational, legal consulting and representation, market intelligence, finding business partners, preparing a market entry strategy.
    Further service:
    Manufacturers who are seriously interested in entering the Hungarian market should respond with full details of their products and company information and we will find the best buyer or distributer.
    Aries-Trade Co. is in a excellent position to represent overseas manufacturers of various consumer and industry products. Representation would be in various form depending on the situation and what will work in with our operations: importer, distributor, representative on a commission basis. For more information contact to Aries-Trade Co.

  • Investment

  • In which we would be seeking for Hungarian local government and private firms, such foreign companies, investor or entrepreneurs those are interested in doing business in Hungary.
    Invest your money for great profits, we can offer you many lucrative investment areas.

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